Enhanced Weathering Carbon Management Definitions Guide

Introduction Novel carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies face the challenge of not fitting into the established carbon management framework of the historic voluntary carbon market. This is particularly true for open system technologies, such as Enhanced Weathering (EW). EW represents a convergence of natural sciences with carbon management and accounting, which, separately, have complex and … Read more

Insights into Enhanced Rock Weathering Field Experiments

Measuring Enhanced Rock Weathering Signals In this post, our new Research Lead Dr. Philipp Swoboda will provide us with some insights into the challenges of working with Enhanced Rock Weathering and specifically the many ways of measuring the amount of carbon sequestered through the rock dissolution. Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) of silicate minerals releases essential … Read more

Important Partnerships for Enhanced Rock Weathering in Brazil

From Woonderlands to InPlanet After a little break in our blog, we are now back with news regarding the next steps to scale Enhanced Rock Weathering in Brazil. First of all, as you might have noticed in our URL (www.inplanet.earth), we changed our name to InPlanet because we did notice that “Woonderlands” does not represent a good … Read more

The Great Potential of Enhanced Rock Weathering in Brazil

Great Potential for ERW in Brazil

We would like to elaborate on the great potential of Enhanced Rock Weathering in Brazil. This is because Brazil already has a long history and established market for rock powders and their application for agriculture in the form of remineralizers. A History of the Use of rock powders in Agriculture in Brazil First and foremost … Read more