Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Case Study for São Paulo

Man standin on a rural road looking into the top of a truck loaded with rock powder

What are the Carbon emissions of Enhanced Rock Weathering? A comprehensive, transparent, and rigorously conducted LCA is the basis for every high-quality carbon removal technology and its carbon removal credit issuance. We have thus – for the first time ever in a tropical context – conducted a cradle-to-grave LCA for ERW based on regional and primary gathered data. The total emissions created through every operational stage are only 7.36% or (20.14 kg CO2-eq) of the basalt rock powder’s overall CDR potential that we applied in this context. More importantly, the massive reservoirs of usable rock by-products in Brazil combined with the … Read more

How do we measure Carbon Dioxide Removal?

Quantifying Carbon Dioxide Removal Through Enhanced Weathering: A manuscript Enhanced weathering (EW) is emerging as an exciting new carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technique. Enhanced weathering is scalable now and has a staggering potential to remove gigatonnes of CO2 annually. However, monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of CDR with EW – how we measure its effectiveness – is widely viewed as the biggest barrier to scaling of the technique. Robust MRV is crucial to the widespread operationalization of EW. Ultimately, trust in the EW industry depends on these three letters.   To bring greater transparency to the topic, InPlanet’s research team has … Read more