Carbon Removal Credits

Carbon Removal as Nature Intended

We need durable removal to complement emission reductions and limit the worst impacts of climate change. With InPlanet, you can remove your hard-to-abate emissions permanently through Enhanced Rock Weathering and sustainable tropical agriculture.
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Our Unique Approach

Enhanced Rock Weathering
in the Tropics

InPlanet leverages nature’s carbon removal process. We accelerate weathering through the careful selection and application of rock powder on agricultural land. We are the first to work with the unique conditions of the tropics, which provide the highest carbon removal rates globally. Through this, we also maximize impact for our farmer partners now and in the future.

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Carbon is geologically captured as a bicarbonate and transferred to the ocean, where it remains permanently stored.


The rock powder used in our projects is repurposed from local mining operations. Our projects are implemented on agricultural land and rely on existing infrastructure.


We only apply rock powders certified for agricultural use. This way, we can ensure that they benefit the soil and the farmer without harming the natural environment.

Fights Ocean Acidification

The storage of CO2 as bicarbonates in the ocean increases alkalinity, which improves ocean health and protects marine ecosystems.

Restores Soils

The applied rock powder replenishes essential minerals and nutrients, correcting pH levels and increasing fertility for healthier soils.

Crop Yield

By increasing pH and nutrient availability, Enhanced Rock Weathering revitalizes soils for better yields and higher nutritional quality.

Saves Costs for Farmers

Our natural rock powders reduce the need for expensive imported synthetic fertilizers, leading to cost savings for farmers.

Co-benefits of Enhanced Rock Weathering

Transitioning Agriculture

InPlanet’s Enhanced Rock Weathering projects have a profound impact on local communities and natural ecosystems because we form long-term partnerships.
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Our Offerings

Turn your climate goals into durable impact, and actively reshape the future.

Every decarbonization strategy is unique. At InPlanet, we are committed to designing a bespoke impact plan to align with your climate goals.

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ERW Single Volume of Credits

Start your decarbonization journey by offsetting your historical emissions swiftly. Choose a single purchase of high-quality carbon removal credits.

ERW Multi-Year Offtake Agreements

Plan for future regulations and your long-term climate goals. Guarantee access to a yearly delivery of high-quality carbon removal credits.


Quantifying Impact with the Highest Scientific Rigor

InPlanet is a research-first company aligned with best-in-class ERW science. We measure carbon removal through soil, rock, and water samples. We complement these with vegetation samples to quantify co-benefits. By partnering with established registries for the certification of our credits, we ensure our impact is traceable and transparent.

As a pioneer of tropical Enhanced Rock Weathering, we contribute to developing industry-wide standards. We are part of the Carbon Business Council and Cascade Climate’s working group. We have contributed to the first ERW methodologies by and Isometric. Our team has published a scientific paper to Frontiers in Climate that summarizes and reviews different methods to measure ERW.

Thought Leadership

Explore the Transformative Potential of ERW

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About InPlanet

Our vision is to sequester gigatons of CO2 while regenerating tropical soils. We do this to create a liveable planet with nutritious food and healthy ecosystems for future generations.

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