When it comes to fighting climate change, #everydropmatters

Enhanced rock weathering (ERW) is a low-cost and sustainable carbon sequestration solution based on accelerating rock natural weathering by grinding it into fine powder and spreading it over large land areas. Complimentary to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction, ERW offers a scalable way to remove atmospheric CO2 by facilitating its conversion into stable carbonate minerals for … Read more

InPlanet Hosts Our First Farming Community Event In Brazil

On September 16th 2023, InPlanet hosted its first Community Event in São Pedro, Brazil – a gathering of farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as the entire InPlanet Team gathered for the first time from across Europe, Brazil and the Caribbean. It was an enriching and festive gathering that deepened the company’s relationships with … Read more

Enhanced Weathering Carbon Management Definitions Guide

Introduction Novel carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies face the challenge of not fitting into the established carbon management framework of the historic voluntary carbon market. This is particularly true for open system technologies, such as Enhanced Weathering (EW). EW represents a convergence of natural sciences with carbon management and accounting, which, separately, have complex and … Read more

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Case Study for São Paulo

This article outlines how we calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created through our rock powder sourcing, transport, and spreading in São Paulo (Brazil). It describes the way that the emissions were calculated, relates it to the overall CO2 removal potential of our rock powders, and outlines the unique potential of Brazil for low emission … Read more

Insights into Enhanced Rock Weathering Field Experiments

Measuring Enhanced Rock Weathering Signals In this post, our new Research Lead Dr. Philipp Swoboda will provide us with some insights into the challenges of working with Enhanced Rock Weathering and specifically the many ways of measuring the amount of carbon sequestered through the rock dissolution. Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) of silicate minerals releases essential … Read more