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June 14, 2023
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Welcome to our June Newsletter!

Great to have you on board our mission to sequester gigatons of CO₂ with natural

rock powder! 💚🪨 

InPlanet selected for game-changing fund

InPlanet Klarna Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund

We are happy to share some great news, which is that Milkywire & Klarna have joined us on our journey to drive Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) in the tropics. We were selected to remove 750t of carbon for their Climate Transformation Fund. Together, we will be able to accelerate the development of ERW, which holds incredible potential for large-scale carbon dioxide removal and will help us to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

This partnership is a strong endorsement of our work, but also highlights the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change. 

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InPlanet at events

Niklas Kluger InPlanet Websummit Rio

At the beginning of May, our COO Niklas Kluger spoke at Web Summit Rio, the largest technology and innovation event in the world, or as the Atlantic describes it, “where the future goes to be born”. Watch Nik’s pitch about InPlanet’s work here. Many thanks to our investors at Trellis Road who made this possible.

Felix Harteneck InPlanet Carbon Unbound New York

In May, CEO Felix Harteneck spoke at Carbon Unbound’s inaugural event in New York, a sold-out gathering of CDR Leadership from around the world, collectively focused on strengthening relationships and deepening business insights to grow the sector globally. Felix joined a panel alongside Maurice Bryson, Tito Jankowski and Pascal Michel to discuss gigaton scale carbon removal.

Matthew Clarkson InPlanet Climate Cleanup Double Nature Summit

On May 24th, our new Head of Carbon Matthew Clarkson presented on the topic of “Monitoring and Policy for Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) Trials in Tropical Brazilian Agriculture” at Climate Cleanup’s Double Nature SummitThe Summit was a 4-day participatory platform bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders, including regenerative pioneers, investors, scientists, businesses, policymakers, non-governmental organizations, indigenous people, and local communities. 

Enhanced Rock Weathering Nerd Alert

InPlanet ERW Nerd Alert

Environmental and health impacts of atmospheric CO₂ removal by enhanced rock weathering depends on nations’ energy mix

Eufrasio, R.M. et al. Communications, Earth & Environment, Volume 3, Article 106 (2022)

New estimates of the storage permanence and ocean co-benefits of enhanced rock weathering

Kanzaki, Y., Planavsky, N.J. & Reinhard, C.T. PNAS Nexus, Volume 2, Issue 4 (2023)

We welcomed another three new team members!

matthew clarkson head of carbon inplanet


Head of Carbon

Matthew is a big-picture thinker with a background in geochemistry and Earth System science. He has over a decade of experience researching climate recovery, examining past global warming events and reconstructing global change.

“I feel grateful that I have landed exactly where I wanted to be – in a highly motivated team with aligned values, working on an urgent solution to the climate crisis.”

mariane chiapini soil scientist inplanet


Soil Scientist

Mariane is an expert in tropical soil formation, weathering and soil analytical methods. She recently finished her PhD in Oxisols development and the effects of soil fauna on molecular soil organic matter composition. 

“I am very passionate about soils and rocks. The use of regenerative practices such as rock powder is a great idea to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and restoring our planet.”

Giselle car Head of Brand and Communications InPlanet


Head of Brand & Comms

Giselle is a Design Strategist who has worked primarily in creative direction, marketing and brand strategy, creating economic, environmental and social value for a variety of brands. She is adept at spotting opportunities across borders and industries. 

“As a Caribbean woman innovator and life-centered designer, I know this moment in history is calling us to give our best. I can honestly say this is the work that I have waited my entire life to do.” 

InPlanet is hiring!

InPLanet is hiring

This year, we already received 1.500 applications for the positions at InPlanet! We want to thank all the motivated individuals who reached out to us. 

We are currently welcoming applications for the following position: 

Stay tuned for more! 🚀

On behalf of our founders,

Felix & Nik

Niklas Kluger Felix Harteneck InPlanet

InPlanet GmbH

München (BY), Germany

Piracicaba (SP), Brazil

logo inplanet

“It’s time! If you want to support us on our mission as a farmer, mine or buyer of Carbon Removal Credits, reach out to us and start making a difference today.

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