Dr. Matthew Clarkson’s Participation at Airminers panel on MRV


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“To illustrate the two ways of measuring Carbon Removal at the field, imagine someone brings you a hot drink in the morning. How can you know that sugar was added to your drink, and exactly how much sugar is in the cup?” ☕

InPlanet’s Head of Carbon, Matthew Clarkson, joined experts in Enhanced Rock Weathering at the recent Airminers virtual panel to delve into the intricacies of measuring Carbon Removal. The discussion, centered on “Advancements in Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) for Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW),” offered valuable insights into the science behind carbon measurement and verification.

Dr. Clarkson brought insightful contributions to the conversation, particularly using a simple yet effective analogy to demystify ERW measurement approaches. He compared measuring Carbon Removal with figuring out the amount of sugar that is added into a cup of hot drink —illustrating the two primary methods of measurement: solid and liquid measures. The analogy contributed to the understanding of the methods and was referred to a number of times by other scientists in the panel. 

Dr. Clarkson highlighted InPlanet’s pioneering role in the ERW market and emphasized the company’s commitment to developing robust MRV solutions. As the sole ERW operator at the panel, InPlanet showcased its dedication to improving transparency within the industry.

For those interested in Matthew’s analogy and curious about delving deeper into the world of MRV for ERW, the full panel recording offers a comprehensive understanding of this complex yet crucial aspect of carbon removal. 

Whether you’re a stakeholder in carbon reduction initiatives or simply curious about the science behind it, exploring advancements in MRV for Enhanced Rock Weathering will be an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

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Dr. Matthew Clarkson’s key remarks:

2:59 – Personal Introduction 

6:10 – Illustration of Carbon Removal Measurement through the Coffee Analogy 

21:15 – Frontier’s key contribution to the Carbon Removal market and how Enhanced Rock Weathering became the second most-invested Carbon Removal technology.

34:50 – The variables included in measuring Enhanced Rock Weathering. Touches on the importance of political regulations.

38:00 – Matthew talks about what he would do if he had a magic wand and could change something about MRV today.

42:12 – Scaling is the way to develop science locally. The importance of being on the field and building a relationship with local partner farms and mines.

50:55 – The importance of leveraging what is established by science experiments and is practicable in field operations. 

52:35 – The costs of MRV.

54:30—The importance of sharing knowledge about MRV so it can be replicated. Dr. Clarkson mentions his open-access manuscript, which provides a basis for anyone wanting to implement MRV for Enhanced Rock Weathering.