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February 8, 2023
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Welcome to our February Newsletter!

Great to have you on board our mission to sequester gigatons of CO‚āā with natural

rock powder! ūüíöūü™®¬†

We have been selected by Frontier Climate!

After an extensive application process with tough competition, Frontier, consisting of McKinsey, Stripe, Meta, Alphabet, and Shopify, finally announced that we were selected to remove a substantial amount of carbon from the air.

The project involves spreading 8.000 tons of rock powder in 2023 and generating unique scientific data on the weathering progress in the tropics. Our COO Niklas is currently visiting farmers and taking soil samples to pick the optimal areas.

Frontier is an Advanced Market Commitment that connects leading climate researchers with start-up companies and corporates to speed up the development of high-quality carbon removal technologies.

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inplanet farmer taking soil samples

Jairo from Bebedouro, SP,  taking soil samples

inplanet discussing contracts farmer

Discussing¬†CO‚āā¬†concentration¬†in¬†tropical soils

inplanet farmer soy

José on his farm with soy and pasture in Corumbataí, SP 

We closed our pre-seed round of ‚ā¨1.2M

We successfully closed our pre-seed investment round of ‚ā¨ 1.2 Million and excited¬†to welcome our new investors on our journey. Together we will work together on¬†a livable¬†planet¬†with nutritious food and healthy ecosystems!

‚ÄúWe are thankful for the support of our pre-seed investors and excited to use the funding to grow our current team.¬†In¬†2023, we plan to spread 50.000 tons of rock powder to remove 10.000 tons of CO2. This will allow us to generate unique and scientifically valuable data to understand the weathering process¬†in¬†the tropics even better‚ÄĚ. Felix Harteneck, CEO and Co-Founder

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Enhanced Rock Weathering Nerd Alert!

Brain food and latest research results related to Enhanced Rock Weathering

ERW nerd alert inplanet Insights

Soil structure and microbiome functions in agro-ecosystems  
Hartman, M. & Six, J. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 4 (4‚Äď18), (2023)

How temperature-dependent silicate weathering acts as Earth’s geological thermostat 
Brantley, S.L. et al. Science, 379, 6630 (382-389), (2023) 

Frontier’s launched its knowledge-gap database¬†for researchers and entrepreneurs working on¬†novel¬†removal solutions¬†

New team members in Germany and Brazil

Ruson liduino Inplanet

Rudson Luidíno

Rudson is our Country Manager for Brazil. He is from Piauí, in the Northeast of Brazil. With his experience as a lawyer and his knowledge of the Brazilian market, he is of great importance for our local operations.

‚ÄúWorking for¬†InPlanet¬†lets me honor my ancestors by fighting for a balanced¬†planet¬†and leaving a legacy of hope and action for my two children.‚ÄĚ

Roos de Bruijn Inplanet

Roos de Bruijn

Roos is working as a Business Developer. She is responsible for sales and building partner relationships. She is Dutch, but lives in Berlin, where you can find her working in the local Impact Hub.

‚ÄúThrough¬†InPlanet¬†I can offer¬†customers a very valuable solution, while also having a positive effect on the¬†planet¬†and the farmers‚Äô economic position.”

hiring inplanet insights Newsletter

We are looking for a Soil Scientist and an Earth Science Model & Data Analyst to further advance our MRV for Enhance Rock Weathering in the tropics.

Stay tuned for more! ūüöÄ

On behalf of our founders,

Felix & Nik

felix harteneck niklas kluger rock powder

InPlanet GmbH

Munich (BY), Germany

Piracicaba (SP), Brazil

logo inplanet

“It’s time! If you want to support us on our mission as a farmer, mine or buyer of Carbon Removal Credits, reach out to us and start making a difference today.

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