We remove CARBON

for a liveable PLANET

Climate Change is the biggest challenge of our generation and has to be solved urgently.
We are inspired by the beauty of this planet.
It is the only one we have. 


Our Vision is to sequester 1 GT of CO2 while regenerating tropical soils
to create a livable planet with nutritious food and healthy ecosystems for future generations.

We remove CARBON with natural ROCK POWDER

Enhanced Weathering

Throughout the worlds history, most of our atmospheric carbon dioxide has been removed through the weathering of rock. When rock reacts with water and CO2, dissolved bicarbonates are produced and washed into the oceans where they form carbon rich sediments. We at Inplanet accelerate this natural carbon removal process by distributing rock powder on agricultural land in the tropics. Besides removing carbon, enhanced weathering regenerates tropical soils, fertilizes crops and allows the farmers to reduce the input of limestone and synthetic chemicals.


Carbon will be locked away for 1000+ years.


No costly infrastructure or high tech necessary.


We apply certified rock powder in optimal amounts.

How it works


Farmers in the tropics get enabled to use natural rock powders form local mines instead of limestone, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


Companies worldwide buy Carbon Removal Credits as part of their Net-Zero strategy.


Soils are regenerated by adding fresh minerals. This way we support the restoration of ecosystems and the production of healthy fruits and vegetables.


Without the access to Carbon Finance, our farmers cannot afford to replace synthetic chemicals with natural rock powders.


Felix Harteneck

Felix Harteneck


Niklas Kluger

Niklas Kluger


Dr. Philipp Swoboda

Dr. Philipp Swoboda

Research Lead

Dr. Elisabete Pedrosa

Dr. Elisabete Pedrosa

Head of Science

“It’s time! If you want to support us on our mission as a farmer, mine or buyer of Carbon Removal Credits, reach out to us and start making a difference today.

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