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April 12, 2023
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Welcome to our April Newsletter!

Great to have you on board our mission to sequester gigatons of CO₂ with natural

rock powder! 💚🪨

Launching our partnership with Carbonx by spreading 8.000 tonnes of rock powder

Carbonx InPlanet Newsletter April

Mevina & Felix together at the AYA Hub in São Paulo

“We are excited to partner with InPlanet and have been impressed by their high-quality science-based approach as well as the co-benefits for farmers by advancing the ERW field in the tropics.”  

Mevina Caviezel, Carbonx

It is with great pleasure that we announce the establishment of a long-term partnership agreement with Carbonx, an aggregator of corporate demand for high-permanence CDR solutions. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower large corporations to permanently eliminate their historical carbon emissions by leveraging Enhanced Rock Weathering technology.

To signify the beginning of our joint efforts, we will remove 1,000 metric tons of CO₂ over the next 5 years for one of Carbonx’s clients. This marks another significant milestone in our mission to combat climate change, and we look forward to making a substantial impact through our continued partnership.

Gathering unique weathering data in the tropics

Currently, our science team is conducting dedicated field research to advance the InPlanet MRV. Most of their work is focused on installing first-of-their-kind Field Monitoring Stations to gather unique weathering data on different combinations of rock powder, soil, and crop. The field experiments have already brought some very interesting results, and are conducted in close collaboration with our scientific advisors David Manning (University of Newcastle), Suzi Theodoro (University of Brasilia), and Antonio Azevedo (University of São Paulo/ESALQ).

ERW field experiments InPlanet Newsletter April

Our science team discussing results in the field

Soil sampling Enhanced Rock Weathering InPlanet Newsletter April

Elisabete Pedrosa taking water samples

Our founder was honored by Forbes

Congratulations to our CEO and Co-Founder Felix Harteneck for being awarded a spot on the 30 under 30 list. Felix brings leadership, continuous hard work, purpose, and enthusiasm to the team, so we can all make a difference together!

Forbes felix harteneck InPlanet Newsletter April

Enhanced Rock Weathering Nerd Alert

ERW nerd alert inplanet Newsletter

This month’s nerd alert includes a sequence of three articles. It started with a UK-based field experiment by Buckingham et al (2022), which methodology was then criticized by West et al. (2023) and to which the initial authors replied again. Happy reading!

Soil core study indicates limited CO2 removal by enhanced weathering in dry croplands in the UK

Buckingham et al. Applied Geochemistry vol. 147, 105482 (2022)

Making mistakes in estimating the COsequestration potential of UK croplands with enhanced weathering

West et al. Applied Geochemistry vol. 151, 105591 (2023)

Response to Comment from West et al. on “Soil core study indicates limited CO2 removal by enhanced weathering in dry croplands in the UK”

Buckingham et al. Applied Geochemistry (2023)

We welcomed three new team members!

Karla Nascimento Sena Soil Scientist InPlanet


Soil Scientist

Karla is an expert in microbiology and the effects of different management systems on soil health. She recently finished her Ph.D. in microbiological soil activity.

I have been passionate about soils since I was young, because of their potential. At InPlanet, we optimize this potential to reverse previous environmental damage.”

Matyas Tamasi Head of People InPlanet


Head of People & Culture

Matyas has a background in economics but is now an HR professional with a passion for psychotherapy and coaching. He will focus on recruitment and team development at InPlanet. 

“It feels great to contribute to a vision of removing gigatons of CO2 in Brazil, to which I feel very connected. Even better with a team of such ambitious individuals.” 

Timo Glasberger Chief of Staff InPlanet


Chief of Staff

Timo is an experienced consultant with a specific focus on organizational development and HR, he will work as an important strategic adviser and project manager for InPlanet.

“A personal dream has come true to work on fighting the climate crisis and restoring our planet with such a diverse and values-driven group of people.” 

InPlanet is Hiring!

hiring inplanet Newsletter

Since January, we have received more than 1.000 applications for the open positions at InPlanet. We want to thank all the motivated individuals who reached out to us. We are still welcoming applications for the following positions: 

Head of Business Development & Sales (remote)

Soil Scientist (Piracicaba, SP, Brazil)

Head of Marketing (remote) 

Stay tuned for more! 🚀

On behalf of our founders,

Felix & Nik

Founders InPlanet Newsletter April

InPlanet GmbH

München (BY), Germany

Piracicaba (SP), Brazil

logo inplanet

“It’s time! If you want to support us on our mission as a farmer, mine or buyer of Carbon Removal Credits, reach out to us and start making a difference today.

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