Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation and has to be solved urgently. We are inspired by the beauty of this planet. It is the only one we have.

Our vision is to sequester 1 GT of CO2 while regenerating tropical soils to create a livable planet with nutritious food and healthy ecosystems for future generations.

About Us

We are InPlanet, an energetic and optimistic team of passionate individuals with a hands-on attitude. Our shared love for the planet motivates us to fight climate change and develop more harmonious ways to interact with our precious ecosystems.

We are convinced that Enhanced Rock Weathering is one of the most important solutions to combat global warming and stabilize our climate. By grinding silicate rocks and spreading them on tropical soil, the natural weathering process is accelerated by many magnitudes. Carbon is then captured for more than 1000 years, locked into the long-term, geologic carbon cycle.

We work closely together with farmers to restore their soils and help them to transition to a low carbon, sustainable and nature-based agriculture. Our silicate rock powders contain many fresh minerals, which make them a natural, long-term fertilizer. They allow farmers to substitute conventional fertilizers, pesticides, and limestone. 

We currently focus on Brazil, where the soil and climate are optimal for fast and effective weathering. The mineral-depleted tropical soils do significantly benefit from the rock powder applications. In the future, we will explore other markets within the global tropics for the application of rock powder for enhanced weathering.

InPlanet is hiring!

Our amazing team is growing fast! Are you a motivated individual that wants to be part of our journey to fight climate change?

Check out the vacancies below.


felix harteneck inplanet

Felix Harteneck

CEO & Co-founder | Born at 359 ppm CO2

Felix is a serial entrepreneur who already founded two software companies, one in agriculture and one in mobility. His skills in strategy and business development are outstanding and resulted in him winning a set of awards, inter alia, Project Morgenstadt (Fraunhofer Institute), Spark Award (Handelsblatt & McKinsey), IKT Innovativ Preis, and EXIST (both German Ministry of Economics and Energy). He has a valuable network of impact investors and was able to secure growth capital in the order of millions from renowned investors (e.g. Swarovski, Quandt, Getty). In 2019, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited his startup ParkHere to understand and discuss the needs of the startup ecosystem for sustainability in Europe.

Niklas Kluger

COO & Co-founder | Born at 353 ppm CO2

Niklas is an environmental engineer with a master’s degree in natural resource management. He worked at INFARM in Berlin and helped scale the urban farming operations from local to global. During the last few years, Niklas has developed a profound knowledge of the reality of tropical agriculture in Brazil while working with several NGOs and farmers in the country. Before founding InPlanet, he received various scholarships (DAAD, Deutschlandstipendium) for his agricultural research in the northeast of Brazil. He speaks fluent Portuguese and has the necessary network to scale enhanced weathering in Brazil.

Elisabete Pedrosa Inplanet

Dr. Elisabete Pedrosa

Head of Science | Born at 346 ppm CO2

As our head of science, Elisabete has a profound understanding of the dissolution kinetics of minerals. She has been researching geochemical processes for more than 10 years and consequently developed ample knowledge of analytical methods (e.g., SEM, XRD, EMPA, AFM, ICP-OES) and modeling software like PhreeqC. She is one of the few researchers worldwide who have primary experience in ERW field experiments due to her participation in the Carbdown field trial from the Carbon Drawdown Initiative.

Philippe Swoboda Inplanet

Dr. Philipp Swoboda

Research Lead | Born at 349 ppm CO2

Philipp has been studying the agricultural application of rock powders for 8 years and finished his Ph.D. in remineralizing soils at the beginning of this year. Through his studies, experiments, and exchange with farmers, he gathered comprehensive and nuanced knowledge about the field. His role at InPlanet involves project management for setting up the first Enhanced Weathering trials in Brazil. Together with the research team, he is creating the most suitable measurement methodology, including the acquisition of the proper analytical instruments. Besides that, he is responsible for evaluating the wider impact of using rock powders, like indirect CO2 emission reduction through reduced fertilizer usage and import.

Roos de Bruijn Inplanet

Roos de Bruijn

Business Developer | Born at 361 ppm CO2

Roos is a business economist with a specialization in development economics. She has gained experience in economic policy-making at the European Commission and as an economic consultant in the Netherlands. She has already lived, studied, and worked in various countries around the world. She has always been passionate about impactful projects and joined InPlanet to add climate impact to economic impact. As a Business Developer, she is contributing to Inplanet’s market presence on a daily basis. She is currently the all-rounder of the team whose responsibilities stretch from marketing and communications to market research and sales calls. She is physically representing InPlanet within the start-up scene of Berlin.

Ruson liduino Inplanet

Rudson Liduíno

Country Manager Brazil | Born at 346 ppm CO2

Rudson is a lawyer with experience in international work environments, for example during his time at the NGO ProBrasil where he was General Project Manager and accompanied German delegates on their visits to Brazil. He has a passion to fight for the rights of the vulnerable and has served as a chairman of the land regularization commission ADH (Agência de Desenvolvimento Habitacional) of the State of Piauí. He is familiar with all levels of Brazilian society and is especially skilled in people management and business law, which makes him the perfect person to manage our team and objectives in Brazil. Furthermore, he will give important guidance to our enhanced rock weathering operations throughout the country and support the acquisition of new strategic partners in mining and agriculture.

Dr. Karla Nascimento Sena

Soil Scientist | Born at 353 ppm CO2

Karla has deep knowledge of soils’ physical, chemical, and microbiological properties. Karla studied different management systems’ influence on soil health, specifically using microbial indicators such as BioAs. She has performed several experiments in the past to test different rock powders as remineralizers in various soil types to understand their impact on plant growth. Karla is implementing InPlanet’s first Field Monitoring Station as part of the first Enhanced Rock Weathering pilot in Brazil together with the science team.

matyas tamasi inplanet head of people and culture

Matyas Tamasi Carvalho

Head of People & Culture | Born at 354 ppm CO2

Matyas is an experienced and passionate HR practitioner who has built people functions from scratch for fast-growing startups before joining InPlanet. He is an economist by background (UCL) and studied coaching and psychotherapy at the University of Oxford. Matyas has lived and worked in five countries including Brazil, the U.S. and the Czech Republic and worked as a management consultant at PwC and a Chief People Officer in MedTech in London. Matyas brings a 360′ approach to people development and also runs his own blog in the people space. He speaks Hungarian, English and French and he has some catch-up to do on his Portuguese and German.
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“It’s time! If you want to support us on our mission as a farmer, mine or buyer of Carbon Removal Credits, reach out to us and start making a difference today.

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